What is EmploymentWorks


EmploymentWorks In-Person is an employment readiness program that combines classroom training with hands-on job sampling.

Job sampling involves going to different businesses and learning about them from the people that work there.

EmploymentWorks helps Autistic people and individuals with disabilities:

  • Prepare for employment
  • Find employment
  • Keep employment

This image shows a female in the classroom smiling and taking notes.
This image shows a male working on his laptop in a remote setting.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • People who self-identify as Autistic, neurodivergent, or have a disability
  • People that are motivated to get a job
  • People who would like to learn how to prepare for and find employment
  • People that need support to keep employment
  • People with the legal right to work in Canada. For example, Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and people with refugee status.

*Disability means a condition that limits your ability to do daily activities.

What is the program format?

The program has three phases and program supports last up to one year. 

The three phases are:

Phase 1:

Preparing for Work

Phase 1 is 60 hours of learning in a group setting. It includes:

  • 30 hours of classroom learning focused on employment readiness, career exploration, and skills development.
  • And 30 hours of hands-on job sampling in a variety of real workplaces.

Phase 2:

Getting Work

Phase 2 is going to look different for every participant. The pathway to employment will depend on where a participant is in their employment journey.

Activities in Phase 2 may include:

  • 1:1 or group-based support to develop job-seeking skills.
  • Help with resume preparation and job applications.
  • Developing and practicing interview skills.
  • Connecting with employment agencies or supported employment providers.
  • Determining additional skills training required for a specific industry and career path.
  • Assistance preparing post-secondary applications.

Phase 3:

Keeping Work

Participants who get a job during the program can access job supports so they are successful in their new job. Job supports include:

  • Equipment to perform job tasks and enhance workspaces.
  • Job coaching to help adapt and thrive in the new job.
  • Wage support for employers to cover wage, onboarding, and training costs.

Additional benefits include access to mental health resources and the use of a communication tool to track progress towards employment goals.

Program Locations

EmploymentWorks In-Person is offered in 8 provinces across Canada. Each location organizes the program a bit differently. If you are in a location where EmploymentWorks In-Person is available, contact them directly to learn more about their program. Check out the Locations page for the nearest service provider.

If an EmploymentWorks In-Person option is not available near you, EmploymentWorks Online is an excellent alternative to support your employment journey. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on Locations to find an In-Person program near you.

If you self-identify as an Autistic person, neurodivergent, or as an individual with a disability and are motivated to develop the skills necessary to prepare for, find and keep a job, EmploymentWorks may be just right for you.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize your skills and strengths
  • Identify areas for development
  • Discover your job interests
  • Improve your job seeking skills
  • Prepare a resume and develop effective interview skills
  • And build confidence to be successful in a workplace

Typically, 8-10 individuals participate in the program, though size may vary by location.

EmploymentWorks In-Person is a 3-phase program up to 12 months in duration.

No experience is necessary. All that is required is a strong desire to find a job and a commitment to participate in program activities.

There is no fee to participate in the EmploymentWorks program.