What is EmploymentWorks?

EmploymentWorks is a program for people who want to find and keep a job. It is a proven program that provides employment readiness training and support for Autistic people and people with disabilities*.

Training includes In-Person job sampling and online job simulations.

It is offered in two formats:

EmploymentWorks In-Person

Classroom training with job sampling in real workplace settings.

EmploymentWorks Online

Ideal for people who prefer the flexibility of self-paced learning.

*Disability means a condition that limits your ability to do daily activities.

In the background of this image is a supermarket and a woman working at the cash register.

For Participants

Looking for work? If you identify as Autistic, neurodivergent, or have a disability, EmploymentWorks could be right for you.

This image shows two males at work engaging in a happy discussion.

For Employers

Connect with reliable, dedicated employees and get support for creating inclusive workplaces.

What is special about EmploymentWorks?

Individualized Support

Participants learn about themselves and different kinds of work. Each participant gets help to create an individualized
action plan to support getting and keeping work.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The program includes 24/7 access to free and timely professional mental health services.

Learn through Experience

The program includes learning by doing. Participants go to a variety of workplaces. They can watch and learn from
employees doing the work. Participants will also get a chance to try out different tasks and get involved with some of the

Adult Learning

The program applies adult learning principles, allowing participants to influence their learning.

Learn with Others

Participants build confidence by sharing experiences with peers in a positive and safe learning environment.


Employers receive support in creating inclusive workplaces, which benefit all employees.