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EmploymentWorks is an “in-person” employment preparedness training program designed for autistic youth and adults and persons with disabilities who are seeking opportunities to practice and develop the skills necessary to obtain sustainable employment. The program is a combination of classroom training and hands on experience via job sampling in real workplace settings. It also offers employers tools and experience integrating a diverse workforce, and provides mentors with an opportunity to share their employment journeys with participants.



EmploymentWorks Virtual is an “instructor led online program” that supports safe, uninterrupted access to employment preparedness training with no barriers to participation due to geography, transportation or the pandemic. The program includes 60 hours of guided learning, application and practice focused on social, communication and job skills development. Career exploration and experiential learning occurs in simulated workplace environments using highly interactive job simulations, custom job previews, scenario based learning videos and curated resources.



EmploymentWorks Self-Directed is a new “online learner paced course” focused on making essential skill development and valuable employment preparedness training more accessible to autistics and persons with disabilities living in urban, rural and remote communities. Work is currently underway to transform the manualized EmploymentWorks program into an engaging, interactive e-Learning course that individuals can complete at their own speed and schedule. This exciting new course is being developed for launch in early 2022!

For Participants

Looking for work? Unsure where to start? If you identify as autistic, neurodiverse and/or a person with a disability, EmploymentWorks might just be for you!

For Mentors

Mentors provide support, reinforcement, and positive role modeling and in turn, develop communication, leadership, and people skills. Volunteer today!

For Employers

Meet individuals that are known to be reliable and dedicated employees that can excel in the workplace. Opportunity is knocking!

For Agencies

As of September 2021, the EmploymentWorks program has been successfully delivered in 7 provinces across Canada in over 150 program cycles. Get on board!


Great ideas are born from great partnerships.

The Sinneave Family Foundation & Autism Speaks Canada

In 2014, The Sinneave Family Foundation, Autism Speaks Canada and the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities Program, made a commitment to improve employment outcomes for autistic individuals through the Worktopia Project. EmploymentWorks, a legacy of that project, is a shining example of what can be accomplished when a national network of agencies share this same commitment and vision. As of September 2021, EmploymentWorks has reached over 1,100 autistic youth and adults across Canada. The program has benefited from successful delivery in 7 provinces and the learnings of over 150 program cycles. The best news? We haven’t stop there. Our shared accomplishments have resulted in a renewed commitment to expand programming to serve rural and less populated areas through virtual program delivery, and it will soon become even more accessible via a new self-directed online e-Learning course being developed for launch in early 2022. I invite you to explore this website to see how you can get involved in the momentum of EmploymentWorks.

Building momentum beyond the program. On behalf of The Sinneave Family Foundation and Autism Speaks Canada, we would also like to invite you to visit to learn more about a national network working together to CHANGE THE ODDS of employment success for people who identify on the autistic spectrum. Every voice counts.

Tanya McLeod, President
The Sinneave Family Foundation

Jill Farber, Executive Director
Autism Speaks Canada

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Impact Stories

The program speaks for itself. Check out some of the EmploymentWorks impact videos below :
Impact Story


Maureen shares her experience in the EmploymentWorks program and how it helped her prepare for her job as a prep cook with the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Watch to hear more about her employment journey.
Impact Story


Hilda describes the experience of the EmploymentWorks program for her daughter Jessica, and how it helped her to gain confidence, explore different areas of vocational interest and to develop and practice skills that she will be able to use throughout her life.
Impact Story


Grant, a Sous Chef with the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation describes the benefits of partnering with the EmploymentWorks program, and the opportunity it provides to help develop the skills of potential future employees and build industry capacity.

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